CIK Business, a division of CIK Telecom who is the Canadian-owned national communications provider, works exclusively with business customers. CIK Business provides voice, data and Internet services that are guaranteed to make a difference in how your business operates, helping you manage costs, improve collaboration and ultimately increase productivity.
CIK Business uses IP and Internet technologies to help you converge voice and data traffic over a single network. Now, we offer a wide line of voice and data products, including Business Internet, Business Phone, E-Fax, Hosted Phone System, SIP Trunking, IP-PBX, and specific business solutions. Using CIK business products and solutions, you do not only get cost reduction but also take advantage of advanced communications technologies.
As a Telecommunications service company, CIK understands the importance of providing an excellent experience to customers. By our desire to offer the best, CIK continues to improve customer service to enhance customer satisfaction. Our creativity makes CIK different from other telecommunications companies.


We Speak Your Language
Considering that the majority of CIK customers are from ethnic communities in Canada, CIK customer support specialists that are to speak at least 2 languages – English/French and their native language. Our call centres are language friendly, enabling customers to reach the correct support teams and receive top-notch customer service and technical support in quick, efficient time in the customer’s preferred language. Currently, CIK offers support in many languages including English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali. As Canadians from all communities continue to become CIK customers, multilingual staff will be hired.
30 Day Guarantee
This is a CIK standard policy. All services provided by CIK come with a 30 day guarantee, available from the date of activation. Customers have the right to cancel the service within 30 days from the time of sign-up and all monthly fees and hardware purchases are refundable.
Hardware Lifetime Warranty
For all hardware purchases from CIK, a lifetime warranty is included. Should any issues arise, CIK will replace any defective hardware free of cost for any active customer.
7 x 24 hour Support
CIK provides 7 x 24 support, over the phone and email. For some customers who prefer customer service in other languages (listed above), we have multilingual staff available most hours of the day.
Advanced Technical Ticketing System
CIK has established a highly structured ticketing system to resolve all issues. From Agent to Supervisor or Manager, all issues are handled in a fast, efficient manner to take care of technical and customer service issues.

The Features

Currently, CIK is working with partners to provide local TV service in many cities of Canada, and adding ethnic overseas channels. CIK's target is to keep adding unique and innovative services to our valued customers.
As one of the fast growing companies in Canada, CIK continues to look to the future to develop innovative telecommunications products. CIK offers new services, all at affordable prices and at a high level of service, and strives make our customers' experience, a most enjoyable one.