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E-Fax provides a comprehensive enterprise fax solution that maximizes an organization's productivity and cost-savings. By combining with a company's existing internet and email applications, receiving faxes become easy to access anywhere in the world.

E-Fax Service

  1. A secure way to fax
  2. Unlimited Receiving Fax Pages and Outgoing Fax Pages to Canada Via Specific Fax Line.

E-Fax Service Options

Number Transfer
If your existing phone number is still with your previous provider, you can transfer it to your CIK account.
More Details
① A secure way to fax even the most confidential documents.
② All of your incoming faxes can be received by email and archived for 365 days in a web portal.
③ Faxes in PDF or TIFF format, allowing for easy storage and back up.
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