Get the power of Unlimited Internet for your Business

Get the power of Unlimited Internet for your business (up to 50+ employee). With various unlimited usage plans and download speeds up to 250Mbps, there is a plan and a price for your business.

The HA on Mobile Plan is an advanced connection-sharing network solution for your business needs, e.g., failover if Cable or DSL internet fails. With mobile internet as a backup, your business internet is always kept connection up and running.

CIK High Speed Business Internet

Internet Service Options

25/10 Mbps
30/5 Mbps
50/10 Mbps
150/15 Mbps
250/20 Mbps
Internet Usage
7 x 24 Hour
High Available
Business Internet
More Details:
Installation, modem, extra wiring will be quoted separately.
Over 5 GB within a month, extra usage charge: $20/GB
Installation fee may vary in cable network coverage. A site survey will be required. Prior to the survay. the Processing and Activation Fee must be charged, but the Processing and Activation fee will be refunded if the customer do not want to install the cable internet after the site survey.
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