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At present, most of businesses manage voice connection and data network separately. This separation creates the need for different infrastructures, cabling systems, maintenance processes and service fees. Running multiple networks also results in a high degree of inflexibility, as the networks don’t work with each other to help business scale and adapt to new technology.
CIK Business uses IP and Internet technologies to help you converge voice and data traffic over a single network. Now, we offer a wide line of voice and data products, including Business Internet, Business Phone, E-Fax, Hosted Phone System, SIP Trunking, IP-PBX, and specific business solutions. Using CIK business products and solutions, you do not only get cost reduction but also take advantage of advanced communications technologies.

Fiber to Building

Fiber to the building (FTTB) is a type of fiber-optic cable installation where the fiber cable goes to a point on a shared property and the other cabling provides the connection to single offices or other spaces. FTTB applications often use active or passive optical networks to distribute signals over a shared fiber-optic cable to individual households or offices. Fiber-optic setups enable higher speeds of delivery and greater bandwidth than some other kinds of infrastructure. Some of the fiber networks deploying signals to the most sophisticated equipment can benefit from a multimode fiber connection, where a specific kind of fiber-optic cable may be used for optimal speed.

Wiring and Installation

Whether you are expanding your current office, moving into a new location or simply need repair or clean-up and reorganization of your existing ethernet, telephone, and VOIP cabling infrastructure, CIK can meet and exceed all of your requirements. Our team of experienced network engineers and master electricians can quickly quote, plan, pull cables through any type of ceiling or wall construction, install patch panels, organize the cables in your server room, IT cabinet or space, and provide you with complete documentation so you can effectively make and communicate resource allocation decisions.

Auto Dialing

With Our CIK Auto Dialing - the most powerful, efficient, and easy to use predictive dialer, you can get full access your special customers! It is completely customizable to your industry and includes unlimited minutes!


Conferencing is about collaboration and human connection, regardless of distance. It’s simple, really. Our CIK conferencing solution lets people connect using very high quality phone devices from their offices or homes or on business travel.

Alarm and Monitoring

Enhancing security essentials with advanced technology. Remote Video Monitoring Services gives people real time visual and audio communication with the premise they are protecting. The alarm and monitoring system is a smart way for you to manage your business while on the go. With the right system installed and configured correctly by CIK professionals, you can keep an eye on your business at all times and have it keep your premises safe and secure, and to provide you with valuable insights into your operations. We work with you to understand your needs and customize our services around them.

Colocation and Web Hosting

Colocation has become a popular option for companies with midsize IT needs - especially those in Internet related business - because it allows the company to focus its IT staff on the actual work being done, instead of the logistical support needs which underlie the work. Our customized and cost-effective colocation packages ensure your company’s mission-critical data is safe and ready for you anytime you need it. Also, Our various affordable Web hosting packages meet your needs, whether you wish to create a personal Web site, or you plan to open an online ecommerce store. Our 24/7 technical phone support staff is here to answer any support questions that you may have.
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