1. Test your Internet speed

1) To get the accurate speed, Please connect your computer to the modem directly with wire, (Disable the Wireless network Connection on pc and power off the Wireless router), Close other software.
2) Open browser and type in address bar http://www.speedtest.net
3) Click “BEGIN TEST”
4) It will show the PING, Download SPEED, and UPLOAD SPEED, Ping mean the network latency, then lower the better. Generally the Ping should be below 50ms
5) Please test for as more times, and take the average value. We recommend you test the speed in different time frames (Morning, afternoon, evening). The evening speed may fluctuate; it can not represent the real speed.

2. Keep your Phone Number

According to CRTC regulations, all Canadian telephone numbers can freely switch between different local telephone companies. This is the local number of convertibility. So any customer has the right to put their phone numbers to other companies, which means you can keep the original number to the CIK Telecom. Because CIK Telecom is a CRTC registered local and long distance phone service provider that provides local and long distance service licensees, customers can remain within the scope of the corporate network to any phone number.
If you want to keep the number to the CIK, you need to provide two documents below.
1) Signing a power of attorney (LOA) Download
2) Offering the latest phone bill from your current phone service provider with the phone number, name and address. Phone number on the phone bill, name and address must be a power of attorney and client retention numbers are consistent on the LOA.
Please fax or email the LOA and bill to the following CIK fax numbers or email address:
Fax: Porting Email
1 (416) 848-1521 porting.cik@ciktel.com
During CIK strongly recommended not retaining existing telephone number to call your current phone service provider to cancel the service. If the customer cancels the original service, CIK will not be able to keep your number, according to the CRTC regulations, CIK can not handle the phone number has been cancelled or is cancelled state phone number.
If you are using Bell DSL network, the number of reservations before you come, you need to call Bell given Bell DRY LOOP, in order to ensure that your network will not be interrupted after the completion of reserved numbers.
No reservations after completion of your old phone service provider bill should automatically stop charging, but if the customer and the original signed contract or other agreements have, there may be different.
Usually, we need 2-4 weeks to complete, if the customer provides the information is incorrect, the time may be extended or denied.

3. Find call ratings

If you have specific call needs, please contact us for preapproval and activation for your needs. Please find your call rating below for your reference.
Put in the first letter of the Countries/Areas where you want to call, you can get the rating.
Rating ($/Min)