No Access to High Speed Internet?
CIK’s Air Fiber is the solution for businesses that require robust, reliable and High-Speed internet without having access to traditional terrestrial networks like cable and DSL.
Why Choose CIK Air Fiber?
High Speed
Rapid Deployment
Reliable & Scalable
Point to Point Carrier Grade Service
Symmetric download and upload speeds
Robust and Durable, Canadian Weather Tested
Distances up to 20km
Access to CIK AirFiber
Excellent Scenario
Download Speed
Upload Speed
Low Latency
Unlimited Usage
7/24 Support
Business Size Suggested
AirFiber Basic
Up to 100M
Up to 100M
Starting from $199/mo
AirFiber Express
Up to 200M
Up to 200M
Starting from $299/mo
AirFiber Ultra
Up to 500M
Up to 500M
Starting from $599/mo
AirFiber Super
Up to 1G
Up to 1G
Starting from $699/mo
Benefits of CIK Business AirFiber
• Fast Deployment
Our team will perform an on-site survey to determine all the materials required for the installation. We will then construct the required infrastructure to mount the antenna on your property and proceed with the installation. The entire process usually takes less than a week.
• Low Latency
CIK Business AirFiber technology uses FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) where the transmitter and receiver operate different carrier frequencies. For example, one block of spectrum is allocated for the uplink and another block for the downlink. This result is an efficient low latency network for the end user.
• Real Fiber Access
CIK’s recently launched “Fiber-to-the-City” project ensures all CIK AirFiber POP’s are connected to our Optical Fiber backbone network allowing our end users access to a faster and more stable internet service.
• Low-Cost
CIK Business AirFiber differentiates us from our competitors and guarantees we remain one of the leaders in quality service at an affordable price.
AirFiber Features:
• Performance
Speeds of up to 2.4Gbps, even in rural areas where High-Speed Broadband Internet is not readily available.
• Reliability
Robust and durable to withstand failure in any type of extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow. CIK’s Business Network Operations Center guarantees and uptime of 99.9% for your network and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Long Distance
Capable of providing high-speed capacities over distances up to 20km .
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