Is your broadband internet slow? Try our Dedicated Fiber Internet Access!
Fiber Optic internet transmits light signals on the thin glass wires inside the larger protective cable. So, an Internet connection using fiber optic cables is an Internet connection in which data is delivered in light signals via small, flexible glass wires. It is the most reliable form of internet today. Fiber Internet download speeds can be anywhere from 250–1 Gbps. Unlike cable and DSL, fiber offers “symmetrical” service, meaning the upload speeds are the same high speed. While the price is commonly a bit higher than cable or DSL, it’s almost always worth choosing fiber.
The main benefits of using Dedicated Internet Access are:
Guaranteed Speed and reliability
SLA of 99.999%
Dedicated internet speed means symmetric download and upload, 24/7/365
Strengthens your cyber security by not sharing your internet connection with those outside of your organization
Worry less about threats from other networks
Easily scalable as your business grows
Our equipment is high-end
Better throughput over shared connections
Your business will benefit from Dedicated Fiber if:
- Your bandwidth usage is high (streaming videos, downloading and uploading large files
- Consistency is key – you require the same speed at any point in the day
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