Why CIK Business Internet?
Fast & Reliable Connectivity
With a direct connection to CIK DSL/FTTN or Cable network, you get consistently fast download and upload speeds so you can ensure your business is always up and running
Unlimited Usage
All internet plans come with unlimited usage, which means you can plan your budget more predictably without worrying about unexpected overage charges
Dedicated Business Customer Support Team 24/7/365
Concentrate on your business objectives while we look after your network. CIK Business customers benefit from Dedicated Business Customer Support Team and Centre Local Experts that are available 24/7/365
CIK Business Internet Features
• Business WiFi
• Dynamic IP Address
• CIK Business Wireless Gateway
Reliable, private WiFi for your business
Assigned by the network when your device connects; changes over time
An all-in-one Business IP Gateway, private business WiFi network
- Business fiber available in some locations.
- Static IP address $10/mo
(A permanent IP address, for running multiple servers, using applications like a VPN (virtual private network), or allowing web-based video cameras)
Access to CIK High Speed Internet
Excellent Scenario
Download Speed
Upload Speed
Email & Web Browsing
Video Streaming
Uploading / Downloading
VOIP Phone / Conference
Unlimited Usage
7/24 Support
Business Size Suggested
6M - 50M
1M - 10M
Starting from $54.99/mo
Cable Basic
Up to 75M
Up to 10M
Starting from $54.99/mo
Cable Express
Up to 150M
Up to 10M
Starting from $59.99/mo
Cable Ultra
Up to 500M
Up to 20M
Starting from $79.99/mo
Cable Super
Up to 1G
Up to 30M
Starting from $99.99/mo
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