Why 4G LTE as Primary Internet?
Supports most SMB & Enterprise applications: Credit card & inventory transactions are not data-intensive.
4G LTE is ideal for both temporary and permanent connectivity
Satellite office/retail store
• 4G LTE replaces a DSL line and two phone lines
• Connect remote sites without access to wired internet connections
• IP-Sec VPN gateway at the welcome center
• Wi-Fi Hotspots
Construction site
• IPSec VPN gateway at remote construction site to share and access data between offices.
Transportation & Travel
• 4G LTE to enable quicker, more reliable communication during emergencies or traveling
• Wi-Fi Hotspots/ IP-Sec VPN gateway in the cars/trucks
4G LTE as Secondary Internet
Why do you need Secondary connection?
No single internet connection can guarantee 100% uptime
High revenue loss due to network downtime
Poor customer experience, brand damage, and loss of productivity.
Global retail brands with worldwide store locations
Most of them act as secondary, but will be a primary in rural areas
Healthcare centers/clinics
Primary : Mobile clinics, need internet to synchronize patient data, and secure patient information
Secondary: Healthcare center/clinics buildings for internet backup.
Financial Service
CIK’s recently launched “Fiber-to-the-City” project ensures all CIK AirFiber POP’s are connected to our Optical Fiber backbone network allowing our end users access to a faster and more stable internet service.
Insurance Companies
CIK Business AirFiber differentiates us from our competitors and guarantees we remain one of the leaders in quality service at an affordable price.
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